Interview: Insider Look at Coco De Mer

LUXE Brand: Coco De Mer on The LUXE Passport by Lulu Amin

Being the global month of love, and with the recent ground-breaking premier of the film Fifty Shades of Grey, I thought I would reach out to a luxury brand that encapsulates "All things sexy".

I caught up with Ms. Lucy Litwack,  Managing Director of Coco De Mer, to learn a little more about this global luxury brand.

Read below for the exclusive Q&A...

LUXE Brand: Coco De Mer on The LUXE Passport by Lulu Amin

Tell me a little about Coco De Mer.

Founded in 2001 Coco de Mer is London’s legendary luxury erotic emporium. For the past decade we have inspired lovers, celebrated sexual liberation, and educated multitudes in a mission to create a space where decadence and excess is allowed to flourish.

Both our online and Covent Garden boutiques carry a selection of pieces hand picked to dazzle and delight. Whether you're interested in the finest lingerie selected from fashion forward designers across the globe, or beautifully crafted toys to indulge your sensual side we aim to satisfy your desires.

The Coco de Mer name was inspired by a rare plant found in the Seychelles, whose seeds suggestively resemble a woman's form. When first discovered it was prized as a valuable oddity, and they were frequently encrusted in gems and displayed in noblemen's homes as titillating oddities. We loved the idea of this playful yet precious seed and felt it encapsulated our store's philosophy perfectly.

LUXE Brand: Coco De Mer on The LUXE Passport by Lulu Amin

How did you become to be the Managing Director of CDM?

I have spent more than 15 years in the lingerie industry working with brands such as La Perla, Myla and Victoria's Secret.

Joining Coco de Mer last year has been an enlightening experience. The brand has an incredible history at the cutting edge of luxury erotica. As collectors and creators of only the finest erotica, we create a special and luxurious world for people to join us in our passion for beauty,design and sex. Everyone can benefit from inviting Coco de Mer into their lives and I look forward to encouraging more people to indulge in their enjoyment of each other.

Any products available right now that you're excited about? 

What are some 2015 Lingerie Trends you're excited about?

Luxurious minimalism, vintage romance, lots of metallics and erotic accessories influenced by Fifty Shades of Grey.

Quick, sexiest hotel in the world? Go!

Two words: Hôtel Costes.

LUXE Brand: Coco De Mer on The LUXE Passport by Lulu Amin  - Hotel Costes

 What are some of your brand goals for 2015?

We have a lot of exciting launches in the pipeline for this year. These include growing our own label assortment combined with a website redesign to bring the soul of Coco so beautifully encapsulated in our boutique to a broader customer base.

LUXE travel essentials?

A large cashmere blanket from Loro Piana, a fig candle from True Grace and an Erotic Toile eyemask and lingerie bag from Coco de Mer.