Beauty: Organic Personal Care Market Expected To Reach $16 Billion by 2020

Global trends in the organic personal care market is growing, where the market is expected to reach $15.98 billion by 2020, according to a new report by Grand View Research. An increasing amount of consumers are opting for organic and natural hair care, skin care and cosmetic products, which is anticipated to grow throughout the projected time period.

Retailers all over the country are expanding their personal care items to include more organic and natural products to meet the growing demands of consumers. Consumer perceptions are changing to embrace environmentally sustainable and natural products that can deliver results without the use of chemicals or toxins. Along with the market expansion, more approvals for human health and safety regulatory bodies like the USDA and the FDA will also see a correlating rise in certified personal care products.

The projected increase in market worth comes as no surprise as natural and organic products provide consumers with anti-oxidation properties and improved skin immunity advantages compared to chemically-formulated products. On top of that, there's an increase in awareness of the harmful effects that are associated with chemical substances found in traditional personal care products, which is fueling the demand of natural and organic alternatives.

Roger Gore, founder and owner of G Natural Products, a national brand of natural personal care products, can attest to the benefits and changing dynamic of the growing organic market. First and foremost, chemically-formulated products are a recipe for allergic reactions and skin/scalp irritation. With the use of natural and organic products, the consumer gets peace of mind and a safer-to-use product. Second, chemically-treated products might give the individual a temporary result now, but it damages the health of the hair in the long run. On the other hand, natural products will not only give them the results they want, but it will also make the hair and skin much healthier.

"One of the biggest issues people have is adding moisture to their hair and the chemically-treated products just can't deliver the desired results today's consumers are looking for," said Gore. "Natural, organic products made from key ingredients like aloe vera extract, grapeseed oil, milk thistle extract and other naturally found oils can nourish the scalp, hair and skin to promote all-day moisture and shine."

To meet the needs of customers who are looking for natural hair care, Gore developed the L.O.C. moisture product system that's available nationwide in stores like CVS, Target, Wegmans and online. Since the global market for natural hair care products is booming, G Natural is expanding into the European and African markets within the next 12 to 24 months.

Key benefits of the L.O.C. moisture system:

  • L.O.C. represents (L) liquid, (O) oil and (C) crème which is a comprehensive system that focuses on adding moisture to hair to transition away from chemically-treated hair to 100% natural.
  • It includes Oh So Clean Shampoo, Conditioner, All Day Leave In Condition, Hair Grow Oil and more.
  • The L.O.C. moisture system is a part of the entire line of natural hair and skin products that G Natural offers and aims to give consumers an economical and healthy alternative to go natural.