Interview: Q&A with Adina of S.W. Basics

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Name & Age:

Adina Grigore, 30 

Professional Title:

Founder & CEO, S.W. Basics 

A little background:

I'm a Florida-born girl who moved to NY in college. I have really sensitive skin, I studied holistic nutrition and worked as a personal trainer, and I am both highly addicted to and hyper judgmental of the wellness world in general, and of green beauty. So it's very ironic that I landed smack in the middle of it all. 

What prompted your quest for better skincare products?

I couldn't find anything that didn't make my skin freak out, I couldn't believe how many products were green-washed, and it upset me how expensive and luxurious the healthier alternatives were.  

What are some of your preferred products?

From our line, the cream and toner and serum.

From other brands, Zoe Organics Everything Balm, everything from Jordan Samuel, Verb hair products, and the Orchid Facial Oil from Herbivore Botanicals.  

Are there any challenges you face with running and marketing a beauty brand online? 

Well it's hyper-competitive. Then added to that, you are competing with your own retailers, which is a very delicate and difficult balance. Add in beasts like Amazon and eBay, where basically all humans are doing their shopping these days, and you've got an impossible mission. I'm also really aware that people don't trust companies to be transparent and honest (and I agree with them), so you have to work really hard to earn their loyalty.

There is always this element of offering content that is real and beneficial, but you're selling a product too. It's hard. 

If you could invite any individual for an intimate dinner who would it be? What would you ask?

Sara Blakely. I'd ask her for five million dollars!

Describe your brand in the 3 words.

Simpler. Better. Awesomer.  

Any business tips and/or favorite quotes of wisdom to share with our readers?

You do not need a guru, you just simply need to find the guru inside yourself.
— Vikram Gandhi, creator of the film Kumare.

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