Interview: Q&A with Aarti of Kumari Luxury

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Name & Age:

Aarti Gala, 28

Professional Title:

Entrepreneur, Owner of Kumari Luxury

A little background:

When I was young, my mother always showed me the importance of taking time to enjoy the moment. Every week, she would break away from her busy schedule for a little ritual that I still remember to this day. At the end of a long day, she would put everything aside, take out her amazing Ayurvedic hair oils from India, and massage oil into my hair before sending me off to sleep. Those cherished moments, the happy silence, the fragrance of the hair oil, and the feeling of absolute comfort and relaxation are what led me to create Kumari Luxury.

What were some of your favorite 2015 award season looks?

I love Jennifer Lopez's big, voluminous hair at the Golden Globes. This look is super sexy and classic. The down side is that all that teasing and work can do a number on your hair, so I'd definitely recommend helping those tresses recover with some of our luxury hair oil treatment afterwards! 

Also, Scarlett Johanssen's sleek, punk-inspired look was amazing because it showed just how much hair can change your entire look. She paired her statement hair and dress with very subtle makeup... which she pulls off amazingly. This is where I'd recommend our new rejuvenating face oil - it has an amazing blend of organic oils including argan, rosehip and pomegranate oils that keep your skin glowing and radiant. 

And of course there's Jennifer Aniston - she rocked her classic, perfectly blonde-in-all-the-right-ways down-do. This looks looks no-fuss and perfectly finished at the same time. To get this smooth sheen, after styling I'll take a few drops of our luxury hair oil treatment, rub it between my palms and then run my fingers through my hair. 

What are some challenges you face with running an online beauty business?

Finding ways to make a personal connection can be difficult. In the world of email and Twitter, communication can be pretty constant and overwhelming. I'm always looking for ways to reach out in a creative, meaningful way. 

Can you share the essentials to growing a LUXE brand?

Keep on and stay true. The temptation to quit or to be something you aren't can be pretty strong sometimes. Real people will connect with a real brand, just stay persistent in getting yourself out there. In my opinion, determination and sincerity aren't only key to developing your brand, but also to living a happy life. 

If you could invite any individual for an intimate dinner who would it be? What would you ask?

It would be a fictional character: The prophet, in Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet. This is one of those books that I keep with me all the time and come back to again and again. I don't know if I'd ask as much as just listen. 

LUXE travel essentials:

First of all - I can't part with my KeepCup. These customizable coffee cups aren't just a chic accessory while traveling but they're keeping an insane amount of trash out of landfills. 

I can't travel anywhere without a scarf or shawl that goes with everything! I have a beautiful, woven, nude-colored alpaca wool shawl that I happened upon while traveling in Peru and now I put it on anything from an LBD to jeans and a t-shirt.

kumari luxury face oil

And of course, I have fallen in love with our Rejuvenating Face Oil. The formula is a total goldmine of nutrient-rich ingredients like Argan, Rosehip, Seaberry and Pomegranate oils. My travels usually involve a lot of time outdoors so this product helps keep my face supple and glowing. 

Describe your brand in the 3 words:

Playful. Natural. Luxurious. 

Any business tips and/or favorite quotes of wisdom to share with our readers?

Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.
— Ralph Waldo Emmerson