Wellness: Flawless Skin with Tea

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You probably already know that green tea can give you brighter, tighter skin (the natural antioxidants do wonders for your complexion), but did you know that most herbal teas have similar beauty advantages?

Black tea fights free radicals, rooibos clears up acne, and the caffeine in mate helps minimize puffiness. Plus, you don't even have to drink these tinctures to get all the good-skin effects. You can slather them all over your face or take a soak in the leaves instead. Keep reading to shop our favorite tea-infused beauty buys. 

For Dry Skin

You could DIY your own tea-infused face scrub, but Tea Face ($25) is the perfect solution without the mess in your bathroom sink. The tea leaves are soaked in coconut oil and ylang ylang to create an all-natural exfoliant.

For Dull Skin

Kusmi Tea BB Detox ($16) is your Monday morning must have after a weekend of partying and imbibing. The blend is a mix of mate and green tea with the flavor of grapefruit. This concoction is packed with antioxidants like vitamins A and C, making your Saturday night antics a distant memory. Here's a toast to brighter skin!

For Itchy Skin

Remember the oatmeal baths you had to take when you had chicken pox? Well, theOsmia Organics Tea Bath ($45) is the grown-up version of that. The mix contains epsom salt, chamomile, spearmint, and oats to soften rough patches. It's perfect for women suffering from eczema and psoriasis.


For Oily Skin

In addition to the antioxidant benefits, tea can also have astringent and antibacterial properties. The Maijan Clarify Healing Herbal Facial Steam ($13) has chamomile, rosemary, lemongrass, and eucalyptus to detox oily skin. Just pour the leaves in a bowl of hot water, and let the steam flow over your face under a towel.

For Puffy Eyes

Yes, the Yogi Skin Detox Tea ($5) is great to drink for the green tea's antioxidant benefits, but you can also use the tea bags to help with puffiness. The caffeine in this drink can be used to tighten up the blood vessels under the eyes. Just steep them in cool water and place over the area cucumber-style.