Travel: ULTIMATE Dessert Hotel



Adelphi Hotel in Melbourne, Australia just had its 21st birthday.

Now it’s time for some cake.

The 34-room property, which was converted into a boutique in 1993, has a new look—as the world’s first full-scale dessert-themed hotel.

Located on Flinders Lane, Adelphi Hotel is celebrating its big year in style. Right when you walk in, you will see stools that resemble licorice. In fact, the colors and texture throughout the entire hotel are inspired by desserts and candies, from chocolate-toned furniture to carpets patterned like cakes.

There’s even a dessert restaurant appropriately titled Om Nom, courtesy of French-trained patisserie chef Christy Tania.

Don't expect to see gaudy bright colors, though. While designer Fady Hachem incorporates some candy-like colors, he also attempts to blend the old with the new, an ode to the building’s beginnings as a warehouse in 1938.

“The colors and textures of the hotel are all based on desserts,” Hachem said on the hotel’s website. “But it's not weird. It's not too out there. It's very comfortable and done subtly.”

While some hotels have honored certain types of sweets, none have honored a wide collection of sweets like Adelphi Hotel does across the entire property.

In addition to it being a novel idea, it also appears to be a fairly marketable concept. I mean, who doesn't like dessert? Plus, given all the colors and textures that represent different types of sweets, it’s a good way to get guests hungry quickly. And, what’s that? Oh yeah, there’s a dessert restaurant on the property. Not a bad idea.

Beyond the new dessert theme, the all-inclusive Adelphi Hotel also features stocked mini-bars, free Wi-Fi and a heated, glass-bottom rooftop pool that extends two meters from the building’s façade.

The boutique hotel has five types of rooms and suites, including the 1,076-square-foot Palatial Suite, and starts at $192 per night.