Wellness: 2015 Trends

wellness 2015 trends

1. Treadmill Studios Take Off at a Sprint
With entertaining aspects of spinning, and new technology, group treadmills workouts are growing on the boutique fitness scene. 

2. The Soot Just Hit The Fan
Activated charcoal is going mainstream as an accessible new detox tool. 

3. A Juice for Every Reason
Juices are no longer one-size-fits-all; soon there will be a juice for everyone, and every reason. 

4. Cardio is the New Cocktail
A healthier kind of social life is emerging after-hours that blends fitness and yoga with nightclub bells, whistles, and DJs. 

5. Enthusiasm for Bone Broth Reaches a Boiling Point
Bone broth is the new "it" wellness beverage. 

6. Fashion Designers Are Getting Their Sweat On
Fashion designers have sweat envy, and are flocking to activewear realizing they need workout lines to stay on trend. 

7. “Barre” is About to Become a Household Name
This is the year those who haven’t heard of barre—or haven't taken a class yet—will. 

8. Sugar is the Next Trans Fat
We've known sugar isn't great for us, but in 2015 its very unsweet side will the topic of a lot of buzz. 

9. The New Rockstar Faces of Meditation
Meditation is getting way cooler, moving beyond the usual suspects, and into the mainstream. 

10. The End of the 60-Minute Sweat Session?
This year will bring shorter, more intense workouts that are supported by science and loved by the time-strapped. 

11. Instagram is Making People Healthier
Healthy food bloggers and their drool-worthy Instagram accounts are generating tons of interest in healthy cooking. 

12. Fitness Fashion Gets the Barneys Treatment
No more shopping at sporting goods stores for your workout wardrobe—fitness fashion boutiques are a growing retail category, where there’s no “gear” lingo. 

13. Your Kitchen Is Your New Juice and Smoothie Bar
Like tools and appliances to make coffee, more people are going to purchase (and become) at-home juicing machines.